Remfry and Sagar nominated by Newgen

  • Desktop application with minimal workflow capabilities
  • The cases were manually handled
  • Lack of Central knowledge repository
  • Tedious review and approval process with large TAT
  • Manual Task Allocation and monitoring
Implementation & Innovation
  • Task driven dynamic case management
  • Multiple data type handling
  • Integrated with the accounting and billing software
  • The digitized and centralized knowledge Repository
  • Tracking and Monitoring the activities of their legal cases
  • Reduction in work allocation by 60%
  • Increase in Timely Billing by 70%-80%
  • Reduction in re-work by 50%
  • Turn-Around-Time reduced by 70%
  • Review and approvals improved by 50%
  • End-to end tracking of cases
  • Integration with Billing application to reduce the leakage in billing
  • Legal Case Management solution is built on Business Process Management (BPM) and Document Management System (DMS)