EDP Renewables nominated by Appian

  • EDP Renewables (EDPR) is one of the largest renewable energy companies worldwide
  • EDPR decided that Dynamic Case Management would give it a competitive advantage in overall process management
  • EDPR targeted three specific areas:
    • Prioritization of performance issues (defects, faults, software problems)
    • Geographic Dispersion (allow centralized services teams to assist multiple assets located remotely)
    • Knowledge Retention and Learning (given the speed of technological advancement, EDPR needed to document new technical solutions in a practical way)
Implementation & Innovation
  • EDPR designed COBRA (short for “Collaboration”) case management
  • COBRA includes processes, rules, events and advanced analytics capabilities
  • COBRA allows structured collaboration around an issue, allowing teams (e.g. engineering, environmental, safety, procurement, legal) to weigh in on the ramifications of problems, as well as their potential solutions
  • COBRA also assigns internal resources to each case that serve as dedicated collaboration contacts to assist technicians in reaching solutions
  • Over $100M+ worth of issue solutions captured within the first 9 month
  • Searchable knowledge base of detailed solutions (accessed 3,000+ times)
  • The Appian BPM platform
  • Relational databases and algorithms developed in-house