African Reinsurance nominated by Newgen

  • Manual processing
  • Lack of transparency and tracking
  • Managing highly distributed operations and maintaining documents integrity
  • Secure archival of documents to reduce risk exposure
  • Needed a Robust and Scalable system to map business growth
  • Managing high volumes of documents
Implementation & Innovation
  • All platforms integrated to facilitate communication
  • Integrated filing system for both electronic as well as physical documents
  • Digital Signature implemented for approval process
  • Centralized document repository
  • Improved Operational Efficiency by 90 - 95%
  • Reduced TCO by 80%
  • Paperless Environment
  • Greater Visibility and transparency
  • Increased Revenue
  • Access rights classification to maintain authenticity
  • Streamlined Business Functions
  • Reduced Manual Intervention
  • Electronics Document and Record Management System (EDRMS)
  • Business Process Management solution (BPM) based on Case Management Framework (CMF)