Category: Excellence in Healthcare and Hospital Management

WESTMED Practice Partners nominated by Hyland Software, Inc.

  • WPP provides hospitals with turnkey services to set up & run multi-specialty outpatient facilities
  • Spreadsheets were used to manage and track thousands of procedure checklists to help staff complete tasks
  • Staff were executing too many work activities based on tacit vs. explicit knowledge
  • Little visibility into task activity
Implementation & Innovation
  • Replaced spreadsheets with reusable application configuration framework integrated with ECM platform
  • Leveraged flexible framework to design and deploy applications to support processes enterprise-wide
  • Used information-first approach to process definition to complement conventional ECM workflow
  • Process patterns became more visible the more people used the checklist applications
  • Improved performance and consistency by showing people what they were doing vs. telling them what to do
  • Improve IT system uptime from 85% to 98%
  • In 2013, generated 40,000 total checklists with application framework
  • Improve service level commitments for onboarding providers and clients
  • Increased visibility and accountability with dashboards displayed across organization
  • OnBase by Hyland

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