Category: Excellence in Transport & Logistics

Port of Antwerp nominated by Port of Antwerp

  • Processes: cut up in silos: no integrated perspective on problem-solving; no flow; rework; complex and very technical view on the matter
  • Information mgt: mainly records perspective; no process or task perspective , no KM perspective
  • Collaboration 2.0: what’s that?
  • BPM Softwares: mainly support hard workflows, reporting and risk avoiding perspective; not set up from the ordinary knowledge worker’s perspective
  • The ECM-software suffers from bad UX
Implementation & Innovation
  • Holistic view on improving “administration” – in fact: knowledge work!
  • Lean focus: value creation, waste elimination as part of a culture; simple, DIRFIT, always better!
  • KM focus: working out loud, learning, collaboration; information is for action – not for storage
  • UX focus: proximity of information, task-orientedness, flow, integration
  • Implementation of wiki-collaborative platform, seamlessly integrated with project mgt software
  • Development of adaptive case mgt perspective
  • Iterative: Plan, Do, Check, Improve; Flexible
  • Team by team, process by process
  • Teams working out loud = basis for transparency, trust, collaboration, for knowledge sharing, for learning, for improvement, for silos breakdown
  • Attention for UX pays itself
  • Cases provide very rich context for tasks and (soft) workflows
  • More natural, conscious, valuable information management by knowledge workers themselves
  • More value, less waste; more flow, less rework.
  • Knowledge workers feel better in this simple, flexible, adaptive, dynamic, collaborative environment
  • Technology facilitates a culture: The Medium is the Message
  • Confluence and JIRA by Atlassian
  • Plug-ins by third parties