Category: Excellence in Cancer Healthcare

Cognocare nominated by IActive US Corp

  • 200+ pediatric cancer cases studied in Spain
  • Approval of Ethics and Research Councils
  • Appropriate training of physicians required
Implementation & Innovation
  • Integrated with EHR labs and drug supplies
  • Reactive to patient conditions
  • Physicians override the rule
  • Physician Time Savings
    • 48 min/patient max
    • 10min+/patient in 39% cases
  • Increase in safety
    • 7% errors detected earlier
  • ROI
    • Adherence to guidelines
    • Predictive analytics

    Financial impact estimated to be $441Million in annual savings created due to time-gained and cost-efficiencies gained in the USA.
  • Award winning Artificial Intelligence engine for production case management
  • Detachable graphical user interface for structural integration with 3rd party's EHR own interface