Category: Excellence in Contract Generation

Construções e Comércio Camargo Corrêa S.A. nominated by Mind Services

Mauro Grecco (Camargo Corrêa)
André José Teixeira (Camargo Corrêa)
Mirna Branconaro (Camargo Corrêa)
Marcelo Vicentini Marchetti (Camargo Corrêa)
Ana Cristina Dias Gomes (Camargo Corrêa)
Cinthia Rosa De Paola (Camargo Corrêa)
Thais Andresa Genua (Camargo Corrêa)
Michelle Shenshin Liang (Camargo Corrêa)
Mauricio Amarante (Mind)
Peterson Carvalho (Mind)
  • Delays in contract issuance due to lack of standardization
  • Large volume of contracts issued without review by Legal Department
  • Numerous lawsuits generated as a result
  • Workflow required to standardize documents, centralize access to them and decentralize its usability
Implementation & Innovation
  • A distinguished workflow was established (one for contracts with suppliers and another for public or private Clients)
  • Creation of multiple types of standardized contracts
  • Commercial and legal terms split in two parts of a single contract
  • Templates may be altered at any time according to the evaluation of the legal department and the Company’s necessity
  • Contract analysis time reduced from 7 business days to 24 hours
  • Reduced operational costs, including lawsuits and outsourcing
  • Assurance of high quality documents
  • Increased transparency
  • Ease of document management
  • Centralized document access
  • Decentralized usability
  • Improved risk control
  • SharePoint 2010 Standard;
  • Windows Operating System.