Category: Adaptive use of Case Management in Financial

UBS Bank, nominated by Whitestein Technologies

UBS AG is a Swiss global financial services company headquartered in Basel and Z├╝rich, Switzerland, operating in more than 50 countries with about 63,500 employees globally.

About UBS Bank

  • UBS is embarking on a strategy to establish, and in some cases re-establish, presence in multiple global emerging markets spanning Latin America, MENA, and APAC.
  • UBS is enhancing their global wealth management operations with client-centric collaboration, operational visibility and adaptive process improvement.
Implementation & Innovation
  • Solution focused on automating the phases of client case management including prospecting, onboarding and advisory (building an asset portfolio).
  • Launched a single, modular, client-centric front office platform for wealth management that can be deployed and integrated rapidly with any existing application infrastructure
  • Client interaction through new user interface supports ad-hoc annotations, collaborative decision making on case state to progress a workflow, attachment of documents etc
  • Compliance suitability, restriction checks, product matching, and other topics including approvals are considerably accelerated, more accurate, and auditable
  • Reduced capital investment in new deployments
  • Automatic auditing of all actions performed by users provided full accountability and decision tracing.
  • Goal-driven governance provides measures and optimization control points
  • Living System's Process Suite (LSPS) from Whitestein Technologies.
  • 'PM1' portfolio management suite built with LSPS by Expersoft Systems.