Category: Adaptive use of Case Management in Shipping and Logistics

Department of Transport South Africa nominated by EMC Corporation

Department of Transport South Africa
speeds collaborative
case review processes
with innovative
case management solution

About Department of Transport South Africa

  • Department of Transport oversees all modes of transportation throughout the Republic of South Africa
  • Each branch of the Department had developed its own silo's for case and document management processes
  • Primary documents weren't always captured, workflows weren't well defined or complied with, cases and documents couldn't be tracked throughout the process, and records often weren't retained for later access
  • Department embarked on an organization-wide initiative to centralize and standardize all document capture, case management and records management, with the ability to track and trace cases and to ensure workflow compliance
Implementation & Innovation
  • Cases are initiated and automatically forwarded to the appropriate employees or public officials for review and approval
  • Guidance and timelines are incorporated into the case workflow
  • Using employee profiles and sophisticated work queues, skills-based routing of cases expedite and improve decision making
  • Visibility extends across all five branches and 12 agencies of the Department
  • Significantly increased efficiencies of managing critical DoT proposals and memoranda, speeding response times from weeks to a few days
  • 80 percent of document recipients comply with timeframe requirements
  • Enables government compliance with Government Minimum Information Standards and national Archives Act
  • EMC Corporation
  • EMC Documentum xCP, EMC Captiva