Category: Adaptive use of Case Management in the Courts

Texas Office of the Attorney General Crime Victim Services Division nominated by IBM

About Texas Office of the Attorney General Crime Victim Services Division

  • The Texas Office of the Attorney General's Crime Victim Services Division provides victims of violent crimes a means to apply for eligibility for the Crime Victims' Compensation Program, which pays medical and other bills related to the crime.
  • Dated system was close to failure, which would have negatively impacted victim's claim processing as well as legislative mandated measures, putting federal funding in jeopardy.
  • Work unpredictability was burdensome to existing system of manual processes.
Implementation & Innovation
  • Initiates pre-defined and ad hoc tasks, with email or workflow notifications supporting work unpredictability
  • Provides for improved reporting, content analytics and trend analyses relative to the nature of the crime victim services required
  • Starts cases without all required information, allowing the jumpstart of an investigation
  • Leverages business rules to drive the assignment of cases, including staff availability, case type, and degree of relatedness
  • Enhances the speed and quality of case outcomes by tailoring work to the way Knowledge Workers worked
  • Improves allocation and utilization of resources because the system provides a 360 degree view of the work processes and workload status
  • Offers better reliability, security and lower long term operating cost through cloud-hosting
  • Platform approach lends itself to next phases: mainframe replacement and social networking
  • IBM Business Partner Adjacent Technologies Inc.
  • IBM Case Manager platform