Category: Adaptive use of Case Management in the Courts

Norwegian Courts Administration nominated by Computas AS

Olav Berg Aasen Deputy Director General
Astrid Irene Eggen Senior Advisor
Endre Helgesen Skjetne Senior Advisor

About Norwegian Courts Administration

  • Case handling and court management for all 1st and 2nd instance courts
  • High-quality uniform case handling in accordance with procedural law
  • Improve service-level for parties / actors / public
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the Norwegian courts
  • Improve integration with other judicial actors
Implementation & Innovation
  • Adaptive task support for judges and staff
  • Context- and user-sensitive task templates
  • A personal worklist for every user, a work folder for every case
  • Judicial collaboration hub police, prosecutors, correctional services
  • Communication external stakeholders
  • 200 case types, 700 task templates
  • 1 200 daily users, 200 000 yearly legal cases, 7 000 docs produced daily
  • From sequential to parallel case processing
  • Cross-organizational scheduling and resource management
  • Built-to-change, adapting to business changes
  • Document production and merging based on case data
  • Adopting LOVISA and electronic archives
    • Mutually synergetic
    • Hide archiving nitty-gritty
  • Work performance focus simplifies training
  • Can be used directly in courts or in office
  • Built on the ACM framework FrameSolutions Java from Computas AS
  • Task engine, rule engine, organization model, shared information platform
  • Declarative representation of business logic