Category: Adaptive use of Case Management in the Back Office

Info Edge India Ltd nominated by Newgen Software Technologies Limited


Info Edge India Ltd. is India's leading online classifieds company with a strong portfolio of brands, experienced management team and a business model that is driven to further capitalize on its first phase of growth. The company wanted a robust, scalable, enterprise class solution for, India's biggest jobsite and its flagship brand. They were looking for a solution to standardize five core processes namely resume writing, cover letter, application writing, and info-graphic resume and video resume script writing.

About Info Edge India Ltd

  • Lack of complete process visibility/transparency in processes
  • Isolation of departments/work, no proper communication channels
  • Delays in customer response resulting in poor customer satisfaction scores
  • Manual work distribution process resulting in poor resource utilization
  • Handling the extensive volume of transactions related to the job application process
  • No repository to maintain the transactional data
Implementation & Innovation
  • Goal driven dynamic case management aligned with business strategies
  • Automatic work distribution based on skill set
  • Convergence of BPM, ECM with complex event processing to support dynamic case management
  • Drill down analytics for process visibility and user accountability
  • Automatic Case Management pattern for work distribution
  • Implementation of Incident Management processes that respond to unpredictable events
  • Efficient tracking and monitoring of each case
  • Faster resolution of customer requests resulting in higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Greater Market Penetration
  • Repository to maintain all transactional data
  • Automatic work distribution leading to reduction in Turn-Around-time and Operational Costs
  • Dynamic Case Management suite including OmniFlowTM, OmniDocsTM
  • Business Analytics
  • Newgen proposed a new process - PROagile approach