Category: Adaptive use of Case Management in the Public Sector

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), nominated by AINS, Inc.

Edie Pembleton,
Program Manager, OCIO
Charles Butler,
Director, PMO, Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer
Karen Newton Cole,
Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer
Kevin Cooke,
Deputy Chief Information Officer

About U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

  • Cabinet level Department responsible for national housing programs.
  • Mission effectiveness dependent on effective Correspondence and HR
    • Non-standard & labor intensive correspondence processes
    • Redundant and costly HR processes and systems
    • HR business needs not met
    • Retiring IT platforms
  • Mandate for new technology to address both requirements
    • Service Delivery Improvements & Cost Reductions
    • Streamlined Business Processes
    • Automated workflows replacing manual & paper business processes
    • Migration solution for retiring platforms
Implementation & Innovation
  • Correspondence & HR events treated as "cases"
  • Leveraged existing technologies, acquisition strategies & platforms for multiple lines of business
  • Faster 'To Market' time
  • Support ad hoc workflow flexibility
  • Migrate historical data
  • Integrate with Microsoft product suit and SharePoint
  • Migration solution to retiring platforms
  • Provides alerts, reminders, ticklers
  • Reuse templates
  • Inherit capabilities across applications
  • Leverage portal for better user experience
  • Support 10K+ users nationally
  • Positions HUD as a service provider to other Agencies, sharing cloud & hosted environments
  • Improved service to internal/external stakeholders
  • More consistency between HQ and Field
  • Easier ability to streamline business processes
  • Faster and more efficient processing of HR cases
  • Higher quality of managing, monitoring and responding to official Correspondence
  • Easier adaptation to new mandates
  • Greater visibility into inefficiencies
  • Ease of accessing documents related to cases
  • Available to remote and mobile users
  • Enhanced processes for document reviews
  • Ability to baseline costs of program activities
  • Cost savings of 25% or $525,000 after first year
  • Contractor support consolidation, from 3 to 1
  • Capability that can be offered as Shared Service
  • eCase, a case management platform provided by and Hosted at AINS, Inc.;
  • Integration with Microsoft technologies with APIs to leading databases and document management systems;
  • InfoPath for Forms design and integration; using AINS workflow engine