Category: Adaptive use of Case Management in Construction and Big Projects

Directorate for the Construction of Facilities for Euro 2012 nominated by PayDox Business Software

Preparations for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship - EURO-2012
required implementation of
large-scale projects in the construction
and renovation of stadiums.

About Directorate for the Construction of Facilities for Euro 2012

  • Ukrainian State Enterprise Directorate for the construction of facilities for EURO 2012 was specifically established to manage construction of sports facilities. This organization became the General Customer of the project management system
  • The production of such works was required an information technology, able to exercise flexibility in the management of a large number of business processes
  • The project management was implemented on the PayDox ACM
Implementation & Innovation
  • Sociality and simplicity the key advantages of the system
  • All managing projects oriented on results, a process to achieve these results is adapted along the way
  • The ACM works as a web application serving unlimited users from a single web-server. The system lets to collect, process, store and electronically reconcile a large number of tasks, documents, videos, construction drawings and images
  • The dramatic reduction of the number of overdue assignments and documents
  • Significant reduction of processing time of documents, orders and tasks
  • Optimization of collaboration between geographically distributed employees
  • The number of oral ( telephone ) assignments and tasks significantly decreased. The management of one-time and current tasks became computerized
  • INTSOL IT-integration
  • PayDox Adaptive Case Management