Category: Adaptive use of Case Management in Shipping and Logistics

CargoNet AS nominated by Computas AS

About CargoNet AS

  • CargoNet AS is the primary Norwegian freight train operator
  • Limited infrastructure capacity & increased competition from road based transport
  • From train-production to order-based intermodal transportation
Implementation & Innovation
  • Dynamic task templates rather than static end-to-end processes
  • Case work folder for
    • Freight train planning
    • Carriage / container booking
  • Focus shifted from "error handling" to adaptive handling of situations
  • Process snippets over shared information platform enables rapid system adaptation
  • Built-to-change
  • Considerable cost reductions related to customer handling
  • Knowledge based & "real-time" driven customer handling
  • Managing physical reality - new mobile clients gives proximity from event to recording
  • Shared information platform increases data quality across business operations
  • User-centric task support operating on real-time data
  • Built on the ACM framework FrameSolutions Java from Computas AS
  • Task engine, rule engine, organization model, shared information platform
  • Toughbooks in trucks, smartphone mobile client, self-service web portal