Category: Adaptive use of Case Management in the Back Office

Axle Group Holdings Ltd., nominated by EmergeAdapt Limited

Paul McGlynn
CEO EmergeAdapt
Andrew Porter
Head of IT National Tyres and Autocare
Alan L. Revie
Executive Chairman Axle Group Holdings
Ijonas Kisselbach
CTO EmergeAdapt

About Axle Group Holdings Ltd.

  • Axle Group Holdings, parent company of National Tyres and Autocare (220 high street branches and web), National Fleet, Tyre Shopper and Viking International.
  • Growth needs of business promoted renewed strategy for investment in IT
  • Existing technology at end-of-life.
  • Desire to consolidate and standardise processes supporting eCommerce, refreshing with cloud-based technology.
Implementation & Innovation
  • Build of 4 eCommerce sites integrated to case management within 12 months
  • Consolidating multiple back office systems into a single case management platform
  • Case templates provide high degrees of business-led change, and provide Axle with a platform to rollout new processes
  • Configuration of the same case management platform for a claims management company
  • Cloud approach saves US$100k pa in staff and infrastructure
  • Improved process efficiency with straight-through processing
  • Reduced cost of change based on end-user configured case templates
  • Improved insight into order exceptions giving management clear guidance on staff training
  • Smart case buckets allow managers to respond quickly to changing work patterns and to organise staff into appropriate teams
  • Permissions allows managers to control the information individual users can access, and what processing they can carry out
  • Case worker experience improved, less training required
  • Managers can easily configure tasks lists which can both automate process while providing support for the case worker.
  • Real time case status indicators allow managers to react quickly to case exceptions
  • EmergeAdapt is the Systems Integrator
  • CaseBlocks - SaaS Case Management platform for front and back-office