Category: Knowledge Worker Innovation -- Judges Choice Award & Overall Winner

UWV, Netherlands nominated by Perceptive Software


UWV, a Dutch organization delivering employee benefits to Dutch citizens, has been using process management systems since 2001. The system was completely renewed and upgraded to a new version early 2012 to improve the customer experience of a UWV customer that objects to an earlier decision of UWV. These objections are handled by the 1,250 employees of the Objections and Appeals division of UWV. According to the knowledge workers themselves, their new adaptive case management system offers them the possibility to live up to their customer's expectations. UWV is an independent governing body that executes (state) employee insurances. UWV's objections process is a complex process with more than 300 possible process steps, multiple participants and strict legal rules that need to be followed. The case is routed between legal advisors, health professionals, administrators, medical advisors and employment advisors that are involved in making a decision leading to the resolution of the objection. Additionally, several parties like the objector, employers, or UWV may appeal the decision before an independent judge. This is a large implementation. On average annually more than 100,000 objections, 11,000 appeals and 2,900 higher appeals are registered at UWV and processed by 1,500 employees of the Objections and Appeals Division.