Category: Public Sector -- Silver Winner

QSuper Superannuation Fund nominated by OpenText Business Process Solutions


QSuper is the superannuation fund (a retirement program in Australia) for current and former Queensland government and related entity workers. As one of Australia's largest superannuation funds and more than 600 employees, QSuper manages more than $30 billion in funds for over 540,000 members and is committed to working with our members so they can feel more confident they are making the best choices for their situation. QSuper's use of case management companywide has resulted in significant benefits and ROI in terms of cost reduction, increased efficiency, improved customer experience, decreased risk and business continuity planning. QSuper's case management system, called workQ, handles 78% of business processes (140 out of 180). workQ is used across QSuper from the knowledge workers processing claims, to business operations and information technology staff, to mid and senior level management. Sixty percent of business operations staff currently use workQ (198 out of 338), with plans to roll out to 100%.