Category: Knowledge Worker Innovation -- Gold Winner

Paneon GmbH nominated by Adaptive GmbH


Paneon GmbH is a two-year old startup located in Austria and currently serving the German speaking markets of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. As a Network marketing business with a large, decentralized structure of individual sales partners providing contacts to customers, building sales and business relations from informal community relations Paneon faced a number of challenges. The solution consists of an ACM goal-oriented case management system for customer care and warehousing and logistics services, task-oriented collaboration derived from business objectives linked to goals. Two independent organizations have to be supported - one for the social interest, the other for business operations. A challenge consists in transiting users between roles: member-customer-partner-coach. Using the concepts behind Strategic ACM, Paneon was able to make the relationships between strategy, people, roles, authority, goals, tasks, customers, and means (formerly rigid budgets) transparent and understood.