Category: Public Sector -- Gold Winner

Norwegian Food Safety Authority nominated by Computas AS


The Norwegian Food Safety Authority's (NFSA) overall objective is to ensure safe food and animal welfare. NFSA's area of responsibility comprises plant health, food and fodder production and handling, water supply plants, cosmetics, animal health and welfare for production animals and pets. Since 2009, about 1000 of NFSA's knowledge workers (veterinarians, biologists, engineers, other professionals) use MATS actively as a decision support system for the main bulk of their professional work; to plan, conduct and register audits. The public (farmers, restaurants, food production plants, food shops, fish exporters, plants importers, butcheries, pet owners) use MATS to register, apply, and view their own case information, resulting in 150 000 communications per year. Each establishment or person, NFSA client, is viewed as a case, having a corresponding work folder in MATS. Each case is followed by NFSA over a possible time span of many years, subjected to both planned and event driven control activities (inspection, audit, sampling and document control). MATS provides focus on task support rather than workflow support.