Category: Healthcare -- Gold Winner

Cognocare System for Oncology nominated by IActive US Corp


Cognocare System for Oncology interprets clinical guidelines and expert knowledge in order to automatically generate personalized treatment processes, adapted to each individual patient condition. Physicians use it as an assistant to design, follow-up, modify and update fully detailed treatment processes. This case study describes the use of ACM technology, implemented by means of an Artificial Intelligence Planner and Scheduler, to help physicians handle the process associated to the treatment of their patients. Cognocare brings a unified view and handling of oncology treatments, enabling a true dynamic and knowledge-based process generation adapted to patients and context, based on artificial-intelligence award-winning technology and driving a measurable improvement of health care delivery such as Knowledge Sharing whereby physicians (knowledge workers) make similar decisions by sharing system's knowledge, in terms of both patient ontology extracted from clinical records and process templates to comply with standard clinical guidelines.