Category: Customer Facing -- Gold Winner

Univ Verzekeringen, Netherlands, nominated by EMC Corporation, USA


The Univ?-VGZ-IZA-Trias group (UVIT) is a Netherlands-based insurance company. It is founded in 1995 and employing more than 6,000 people, 400 of whom working product development, this Dutch insurance firm has approximately 180 offices and about 4.2 million customers throughout the country. In 2008, Univ? revenue was approximately 8.8 billion euros, with the insurance portion of that at 98 million euros. Univ? was founded as a non-profit health insurance organization for small corporations. In 2006, the company's mission changed when the Dutch government introduced new legislation that provides every citizen with basic health insurance. Today, Univ? is a partly profit-oriented organization, which competes in the increasingly challenging market for health and car insurance.