Category: Innovation -- Gold Winner

BAA Heathrow, United Kingdom nominated by Pegasystems, Inc., USA


At London's Heathrow airport, a new case is created by a system feed every time an incoming plane is registered by air-traffic control, and closes when the plane is en route to its next destination. This event enabled case-management approach to aircraft turn-around has dramatically improved the overall efficiency of operations at Heathrow, including: An increase in on-time departures from 68% to 83%, a savings of 90 litres of fuel per flight, due to decreased time spent on the runway, yielding cost savings for airlines, and a positive environmental impact, a projected increase in retail revenues, by allowing passengers on faster-boarding flights to spend more time in the terminal rather than seated in airplanes awaiting take off. The caseworkers in this case are the people responsible for the timely and efficient turn-around of airplanes--from airline teams, to stand planners, to air traffic controllers, to cleaning crews, to baggage handlers. With this new system, they are empowered with all of the information they need to make the right decisions--including a real-time visualization of planes on the runways--and to initiate the right processes, and allocate the right resources, based on the context of the situation from type of plane, to the plane's next destination. The imperative for adaptive case management is clear here, where the context is constantly changing due to external events such as weather or security alerts.